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We are a specialised SPA and wellness centre for Thai massage where the sessions are performed by experts - carriers of this unique tradition from Thailand.

Thai massage is a system evolved for millennia in Thailand. It is borrowed from yoga and it is believed that the modern Thai massage was established in the 19th century. It is a synthesis of empirical experience and healing art of Thai healers of ancient times.

Thai massage is performed by one or a group of masseuses. The client lies on a soft mat on the floor. Depending on their needs they held various positions of yoga system during massage procedure. So run with deep static pressure and rhythmic massage movements. The aim is tissues to become soft and elastic and to relieve the pain.

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Questions and answers

Massages, popularly known as ‘Swedish’ feature moderate pressures, drags and frictions. In contrast, Thai massage techniques are applied in order to unblock the vital energy inside the body. After a long period under stress, the feeding of oxygen to the body is obstructed. The combination of a Foot Massage Reflexology. This massage applies moderate pressure (acupressure) in specific points on the feet that correspond to various body parts and internal organs. It stimulates the energy flow and improves the functioning of the nervous system.
Although their beneficial effect on the overall physical, mental and emotional state, Thai massages are not recommended: following recent body surgery; pregnancy; in presence of inflamed areas of the skin or recent harms; we do not recommend massage following heavy meals.
Not any, except taking a shower in order to fully open your senses for the upcoming experience. But you can do also in our studio. We do not recommend massage following heavy meals.
Whether you are an active athlete or you spend most of your time in office, Thai massage is one of the proven ways for body and spirit relaxation. The combination of stretchings, compressions and moderate hits stimulate and vitalise. Thai massages stimulate blood circulation and help release toxins. They revitalise and regain inner balance of body and spirit. The best way to combat stress and getting back the overall shape is the regular visit to the massage studio. You are always in a good mood and stress-free. After Thai massages you will feel calm and optimistic. Made with various aroma oils, it perfectly relaxes you and recovers your cheerful spirit and mood. Tight contour of the figure without cellulite. Thai massage rituals, appart from aroma oils, include also firming exfoliating coconut, rice, coffee scrabs. Give them few tries and you will feel in perfect shape and in a tight body. Soft, supple skin. Aroma massage oils penetrate deep into cells and nurture them. Coconut stimulates cell metabolism, hydrates and reduces roughness. After just a few treatments you will see your skin becoming radiant, soft and supple.
According to professionals, Thai massages: eliminate stress; improve digestion and blood circulation; relieve pain throughout the body - neck, back, waist; relieve menstrual syndrom, headache, arthritis, and strengthen ligaments; strengthen muscles and joints.