Our products

In our studio we offer natural massage oils of coconut, jasmine, lemon grass, peppermint. We use exfoliating scrubs made of coconut, rice, coffee, with or without yogurt additive.

Jasmine oil has a calming effect on nervs, helps overcome light depressions and brings back the vital energy. It relieves muscle and joint pain.

The lemon grass oil leaves skin velvety, it soothes and clears headache. Its effect is in harmony with the philosophy of Thai massages - cheerful spirit, peace and healthy body.

Peppermint oil has an antiseptic, antibacterial and moisturizing power. It gives the skin elasticity, it sooths, it accelerates tissue regeneration and metabolism, thus reducing cellulite. The refreshing scent brings new energy to the senses.

Coconut oil is considered universal and applicable in all cases. It has nourishing effect on hair and skin. The nutrients in coconut oil add shine to the hair and stimulate its growth, making hair strong and healthy and giving it luster and beauty.