Different types of massage

Different types of massage

There are more than 200 different massage techniques, which are practiced all over the world. The meaning of the good massage is not only to calm and relax the body but in itself, it contains many health benefits that are considered as healing.

In many parts of the world, the massage is seen as a way to treat the body and soul, because it is believed that they are related. According to the Eastern medicine, when the energy in the human body does not flow freely, problems appear such as different pain, but also more serious conditions such as chronic diseases.

Massages are usually divided into several categories depending on their implementation and the effect. Basically, these are relaxing massages and healing techniques. Also, they are divided into groups depending on what area of the body they cover. It can be full-body massages, or massage of the hands, head or legs.

The massage is such a common way to relax and rest mainly because of the great variety of different techniques- there is something for everyone. And if you feel like massage is not for you, you simply haven’t found the one for you.  If you prefer lying down, the first massages from the list are for you, but if you are more adventurous, then the ’lazy yoga’ as they call Thai massage, is the one for you.

We will look at some of the most popular massage techniques in the world. To a great extent, massages are ranked according to their intensity. We are starting with one of the most popular massages for relaxation:

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is perhaps one of the most popular and common massage techniques in Western Europe. When we hear the word ‘massage’ we are usually thinking of this exact one. The technique used in the Swedish massage is a combination of light pressure and elongating movements. It is made most commonly on the back and it’s very easy - can be practiced at home by people who are not specialists. A disadvantage of the Swedish massage is that it mainly operates on the surface of the problem and it brings only a transitory relief.

Stone therapy- massage with volcanic rocks

The massage with stones comes from Hawaii and is also called Hawaiian massage. It uses hot volcanic rocks that contain large amounts of magnesium and iron. The inhabitants of Hawaii believe that the bad energy from the body is extracted Volcanic stone massage is very popular on most islands in the Pacific Ocean, in addition to the traditional volcanic stones you can add precious and semiprecious stones, where each stone works differently depending on the customer’s problem. The main thing in this type of massage is alternating hot and cold, thus improving blood circulation in the body. The downside to it is that its effect is short-lived, but the spectacular performance compensates for this.

The massage chair

This is an interesting massage technique that appeared due to our hectic lifestyle. It became popular before 15 years in America but never gained popularity on the Old Continent, where people prefer to spend more time for themselves and visit massage centers. The massage chair emphasizes the massage of the back and the neck. Because these are the places where the fatigue after working on a computer is mostly felt.
A disadvantage of this type of massage is that it works in one place only. It can be used as a rapid treatment for a problem, but if the pain doesn’t stop you should give it further attention. Another downside to it is the lack of time for relaxation, these massage chairs are usually located in crowded places with many people and you can not relax completely.

Face massage

Facial massage is a technique that anyone can apply to himself because it is easy and does not require special knowledge. There are 4 main areas of a facial massage, massage against puffy eyes, massage for removing wrinkles on the forehead, massage for lifting the cheekbones and massage with an anti-age effect for wrinkles around the mouth. In the facial massage, you are mostly using your fingers, but it can be also done with special instruments that improve the drainage of the skin and make it fresher. Thus, it helps to maintain the youth of the skin. Massaging your face improves the skin condition and helps if you are suffering from headaches and migraines. The key is that the movements should always be upwards, it is not necessary to apply pressure. Massaging your face will make it look fresher, younger and will add natural radiance and glow to the skin.


It works with highly concentrated oils, known as essential oils. Aromas have the ability to positively affect the human body. In aromatherapy, the essential oils are used in various of combinations depending on the effect you are looking for during the massage. For example, the combination of chamomile, lavender, geranium has a soothing and relaxing effect on the body, while the scent of ylang-ylang, Salvini, rose and orange blossom is energizing and improving our mood. The aromatherapy is ideal for headaches, insomnia, and stress. The oils can be used both in the massage itself or dissolved in the air.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

This massage comes from ancient China and it’s practiced for more than 2000 years. The good thing is that you can practice this technique on your own, you just need to learn the main points on the human body, to know how to correctly apply the massage. The points are most often found on the feet, and palms of the hands, it is believed that each point corresponds to an organ or gland, and by their stimulation, the condition of the body improves. Thus, it can treat various diseases. The massage is easy but you need preparation for its proper implementation. A plus is that the points can be stimulated even when you're on the move.

Shiatsu massage

This massage technique originates from Japan. Its aim is to remove the tension in the body, which blocks the energy flow. The masseur uses their hands and elbows to apply pressure to the body. Literally, the name means finger pressure. In Japanese, the word "shi" means finger and "atsu" pressure. A special feature of Shiatsu is the way the hands of the therapist are used. He uses every part of them, but mainly his knuckles to massage the client. Shiatsu massage is very distinctive and it can not be mistaken.

Deep Tissue

The first few massage techniques we have reviewed so far can categorize as massages for deep relaxation, but there is a whole category for massages that have a therapeutic function. The first of these healing massages is Deep Tissue- neuromuscular therapy. This is an intensive form of massage in which the movements are concentrated in one specific area. The masseur uses his knuckles as in the Shiatsu massage and it activates the lactic acid. Thus it heals the muscle tissue. This massage is ideal for professional athletes because it helps the muscles to recover faster and it reduces the likelihood of injury.

Thai Massage

If you are looking for a combination of all massage techniques listed so far, Thai massage is just for you. It has taken the best elements from each of the massage. It is suitable for people who are looking for relaxation and also for athletes. It helps the body to release the stress and the tension, it helps the flow of energy in the body.
The interesting and different about it is that the therapist uses his whole body, not just his hands. For this reason, the massage is done on a mat on the ground, and the client remains fully clothed. Because of that, Thai massage is also called ‘lazy yoga’. The secret of the Thai massage is that it is more than 2,500 years old. In Thailand it is known as Nuad Bo-rarn - a spiritual practice that heals the body and the soul and it is a combination of art, movement, stretching and meditation. Specific for the Thai massage is that there are 10 meridians in the human body and not 14 as in the Trigger Point Massage. Pressure on these points improves the circulation of the lymph fluid and thus strengthens the body and clears the toxins.

Now you can try traditional Thai massage in the heart of Sofia, leaving it in the hands of professionals, who can help you get rid of accumulated stress and return the balance in your daily life.